Some cool stuff that happened in 2014

I still miss Steve a lot, there are no words to describe how much he loved tennis and how good he was at writing about it.

This post is of course dedicated ho him.

Serena and Caroline serve fails at Slams

Serena Williams and Caroline Wozniacki showed their close friendship all year long…they showed also something else in common this year

NCAA doubles win back to back Challenger titles

Reese/Libietis (Vols seniors) won Knoxville Challenger.

“We know how to win,” Reese said. “We know what each other is good at. Our chemistry is so good on the court, we know where we’re going to be at all times. That’s so vital. We’ve been coached really well.”

“We’ve been playing on our serves extremely well,” Libietis said. “We were executing very well. Same as in college in the NCAAs and All-Americans. We’re holding serve and that gives us confidence for the breaks. We can go for it on the returns because we know we’re going to hold.”

Kopinski/Guignon (Illini seniors) won Champaign Challenger.

“It was a special atmosphere for us,” Tim Kopinski said. “Everyone was just getting behind us every point win or lose. It was a lot of fun for us, lifting us up the whole time.”

Two is better than one: magic shots by Dreddy and Dimitrov in the same match

Infamous pics from ITF Pro Tour


Training court in Sousse ITF


Resident vs non resident benefit in Santa Margherita ITF

47 yo gains again ATP ranking

Oren Motevassel (best ranking 161 in 1997), self proclaimed “best player in the world for 40+” won his 1st round at ITF USA F8 (and in the second round he took 4 games from top 300 Michalicka)


Bernard Tomic records fastest ATP loss ever

In Miami 1st round the Aussie lost 06 16 (13 points won in the whole match) to Jarkko Nieminen in 28 minutes


he would have preferred to play mixed doubles

Around the post doubles winner shots

We had two this year

Alessio Di Mauro retires and we will miss him so much

Especially this match vs Meister in San Luis Potosi Challenger: the rally at 1:29:36 is a must watch.

Congratulations to Mahut after loss at French Open press conference

Photo says it all


Ernest Gulbis dropshot perfect game

Funny motivations for Alternates/Withdrawal on ATP/WTA tour

WTA Wuhan: Yuxuan Zhang didnt play quali because


Andria Challenger: maybe Jimmy Wang got flu?


WTA Nürnberg


Most incredible miss ever on Challenger Championship (!) Point

Volley missed on 6-4 2-6 9-8, then they lost 9-11

Garza confirms himself as king of retirements

With 8 retirements this year he touched 53 matches lost for retirement in the whole career: amazing record.

Matosevic (on his 13th try) & Lorenzi (on his 14th try) end their Grand Slam drought

Matosevic reaction after first Slam win

James McGee fulfills his Grand Slam dream

Such a great moment for a player that had to pass through the hell of ITF tournaments

Darian King defaulted in Charlottesville Challenger after a funny incident

Wil Spencer comes out from the blue and wins ITF Title

After a more-than two-year sabbatical, Wil Spencer wins Wildcard tournament for Bluewater Bay Pro Circuit Championship (ITF USA F31) and then wins the real ITF tournament.

Full story here.

Racquet throw award 2014: the winner is Mannarino

and the runner-up is Ryan Harrison

Racquet smash award 2014: the winner is Rhyne Williams

Racquet in two pieces award 2014: the winner is Bozoljac

Worst overrule of the year award 2014

Weirdest point of the year award 2014: the winner is Raonic

Best Smash of the year award 2014: the winner is Federer

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