Bergamo Challenger Wednesday Report

Today I could stay only for the first matches and you can imagine my disappointment for missing Paire-Bozoljac.

Dustov def. Authom 76 63

Both players held very easily during first set, with Dustov showing his very powerful forehand and Authom obtaining a lot of free points on serve. After 12 games with just 14 points won on return in the tiebreak Dustov became more aggressive and also thanks to three (!) netcords dominated it (7-0). As often happens, the tiebreak became a boost for the winner while the Belgian lost self-confidence and got broken early in the second set. Authom was about to give up but he saved break points on 6-7 *1-4 and somehow managed to hold until the final 6-7 3-6. Dustov played a solid match but Authom’s level dropped quite quickly after tiebreak.

Zopp def. Petzschner 63 62

I had quite big expectations from this match as I really admire attacking players like Petz. First four games were very promising because the german looked focused and in good form on serve, but as soon as he had to face the first difficulties he stopped fighting and just played the rest of match without focus and will to come back and win. Of course he hit a couple of very nice volleys but he was very inconsistent. It is difficult to judge Zopp because he did not have to do anything special.

Nedovyesov def. Dancevic 76 63

I watched Dancevic on stream vs Falgheri in the first round and I didn’t have a good impression, while from the stands Nedo in the match against Marcora looked highly motivated and in good form, so I expected the kazakh to have good chances to reach Quarterfinals.

After the first games Nedo was clearly the better player on court and managed to break Dancevic to 0 and to go 30-0 up in the following game. Match was in full control but Nedo choked from nowhere,  missing some easy shots and a few break points in the following games. He was also broken once, so the first set went to the tie break. The kazakh played a good tiebreak and in a few minutes he was 7-6 3-0* up. Dancevic didn’t do anything to come back and despite Nedo tried again to choke when serving for match, he managed to serve it out to win 7-6 6-3. In my opinion he played better tennis against Marcora, today was still good but not so consistent.

I have to spend a few words about Petz and Frank: both have been legends of the game, both are now 30 and both have a best ranking more than 5 years old. They didn’t show any particular emotion on court, they gave up pretty early in their respective match and in my opinion is very difficult for them now to compete vs young and rising guys that fight for every single point because a single point means money to continue their career. Of course they are still able to win matches and to hit some incredible shots but I had the impression that we will not see them many more times on court as they don’t seem to enjoy the game anymore.

Unfortunately I left the venue after the third match but a friend of mine was so kind to send me some videos about Bozo vs Paire.

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