Wroclaw Challenger Thursday Report

Dustov def. Hernych 76 75

I arrived at the venue for the tiebreak: during first set Hernych had better chances, wasting a 0-40 on Dustov’s serve. I consider Hernych a very smart player and I was surprised he played that bad the final part of the tiebreak.

Second set was dominated by serves, with both player holding easily and again an unexpected black-out from Hernych (broken to 0 on 5-5) gave Dustov the match.

In my opinion Dustov is not in his best form, I have seen him playing much better than this.

Marchenko def. Fucsovics 64 76

I expected a quite routine win for the Ukrainian here and despite not playing his best tennis he managed to go 64 53 up, with Fucsovics serving 15-40 (so 2 match points). Until there, match have been pretty close, apart from a couple of games on Fucsovics’ serve where the Hungarian played pretty bad. However, match looked ended but Fucsovics managed to hold (also with an ace on 30-40) and Marchenko choked: he started missing easy shots and the Hungarian played aggressive tennis. So in about 5 minutes we passed from 2 match points for Marchenko to 2 set points for Fucsovics. Serve helped Marchenko to hold and they went to a tiebreak where Marchenko played quite well and a frustratred Fucsovics destroyed his racquet.



Przysiezny/Hurkacz def. Huta Galung/Kravchuk 64 63

I was curious to see if Hurkacz would have kept serving big as yesterday and in fact he hit some serves above 210 kmh but generally he served as you should do in doubles (a 80-85% potential speed first serve) and results were anyway effective. Nothing much to say about this match, the polish players were much more interested in this match while the others, especially Huta Galung, played a sort of competitive training session.

Mertl def. Kapas 57 63 64

I arrived in the middle of first set with Mertl up a break and I was quite shocked watching him losing the set 5-7. I watched him last week vs Paire and he played very well so I could not believe him playing that bad. After the first set he took the toilet break and….it worked. A new player came out from the toilet: unreturnable on serve (32/35 on 1st serve in set 2&3, 40-8 points) and very solid on return and during rallies. Kapas did his best, also helped by the crowd but he could not do anything against a better player. Good tournament of the polish guy, that was very solid against Delic and also today gave everything on court.



Berankis def. Majchrzak 64 64

Already from the warm-up you could notice that Majchrzak is a solid baseliner, with way better shots than his 18 yo mate Hurkacz. However as I expected he gave to Berankis less troubles than “the new Karlovic” because he has a style of play very similar to Berankis but with lower consistency and power. Routine win for the seed #1 that played a very solid match.


Dancevic/Kapas def. Betov/Bury 36 62 11-9

Considering the last performances of Dancevic in singles I thought I was going to see a pretty easy match for Betov/Bury but I have to say that from the beginning Dancevic & Kapas looked motivated. They lost first set (wasted a 0-40 chance on return) so outcome of the match was still in doubt. Especially Betov played a bad second set, that ended with an amazing recovery from Dancevic. In the champions tiebreak Dancevic/Kapas played very relaxed while the Bielorussians were very nervous, especially Betov that looked not happy with Bury and he kept being very angry also on the bench after match.



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