Vicenza Challenger Monday Report

This blog has not been updated for a while as I started writing also for Last Word on Sports (here you can find my summary of Santa Croce ITF Under 18 G1 tournament) and for Tennis Atlantic (where my reports from Roland Garros quali have been published). I will publish later here a gallery of best pictures and video from my unbelievable experience in Paris.

My friend Gabriele attended Vicenza Challenger on Monday and he was so nice to send me report and pics.

As soon as I arrived in Vicenza I noticed Gojowczyk warmin-up in the parking

Pereira def. Cipolla 61 26 76

I didn’t see Cipolla practicing before the match while Pereira was trying some volleys.

Cipolla had an awful start, Pereira very solid on serve, always moving to hit with his forehand and smarter than Flavio at the net. During the changeover on 0-5 Cipolla checked every ball because he could not believe he was missing so many backhand slices.

Different story in second set because Cipolla became more consistent and his slice more effective. Backhand winners for Cipolla and forehands netted by Pereira has been the second set summary.

Third set has been very close with Pereira looking more tired but he managed to win the final tiebreak. Funny that he had no more racquets on 6-5 and someone had to bring him one from off court. (Here below Pereira after a volley)


Roca Batalla def. Lama 46 62 61

During the first set Lama was in control of the match and Roca Batalla didn’t look anything special. Lama was often using a kick serve to disturb Spaniard’s one-handed backhand on return. Despite the leading position Lama appeared too impulsive with a lot of self talking and he was always prone to throw the racquet. Lama is a fighter but after first set he started losing almost every long rally because Roca Batalla was tactically smarter. After a discussion with the umpire during third set he basically gave up.

Pavlasek def. Novikov 64 62

The US player had a better start, showing his good firepower that Pavlasek could not manage, especially on the forehand side. Pavlasek had some tough holds but he went 5-4* up and on 10th game Novikov had a complete blackout, losing focus and first set. At the beginning of second set Novikov gave again troubles to Pavlasek with his good forehand but the Czech saved break point with the serve, a shot that helped him quite a lot today. Novikov hit a lot of dropshots and all them were bad dropshots: he has really to improve this shot or at least he should avoid dropshots when he realizes it’s not a good day to try them. Quite a close match (with similar style of play) in the end despite the score but Pavlasek’s serve was the key of the match.

Volandri def. Ward 60 62

Excellent performance by Filo in front of a big crowd, Ward really could do nothing

I watched also Donati training with Gombos, with Gombos very solid and Donati missing a lot. The Italian’s coach told him to stop because he was training since the morning and he looked very tired.

Training courts in Vicenza are 2 and some players complained because they could not train or warm-up: the bad weather on Saturday obliged the organizers to play official matches there.

Viola arrived to book 30 min training with his sparring Marfia but schedule was full and he could not train. He later complained with Supervisor because he was scheduled to play his first round on Tuesday. He looked motivated.

Other practice was Caruso-Gaio with Gaio playing very good tennis.

Rublev looked to be the main attraction of the tournament (he practiced with Khachanov): everyone (coachs included) had very good words for him.


The tennis club is in front of the local University so during the lunch break a lot of young people came to watch tennis.

The tournament is well organized to you better go there in the next days!

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