Slovenia F2 Futures Wednesday Report

Another Twitter friend, Pale, was so kind to send me a report of his day at Ljubljana Futures. Thank you very much Pale.

As this futures tournament is played at my local club, I went to see some of today’s first round matches. Here are some short notes about what I saw.

Kočevar Dešman def. Habrman 6-3 6-3

Kočevar is probably one of the favourites of this tournament and as a local kid has big support from the stands as well. He has allround game, can finish off with a winner, moves pretty well too. Reminds me of another Slovenian tennis player Zemlja and maybe he will be able to breakthrough and start playing challenger events. Habrman can hit really big but he misses a lot, also his shot selection is really bad, so it was a routine victory for Slovenian.

Kalenichenko def. Razborsek 6-1 6-4

Ukranian kid is for me the biggest surprise of the first round. This guy can really play well. Razborsek was completely chanceless most of the match and was wondering outloud if it is possible for his opponent to miss any of his shots. Razborsek tried everything. From pushing to attacking, but Kalenichenko was always on the ball, hitting deep and frustrating his opponent. There was small chance for Slovenian to comeback after he broke back and hold for 4:4 in second. But Kalenichenko save 15:40 with few big plays and easily broke for match in next game.

Sebastian Ofner def. Janezic 6-0 6-3

Janezic probably bought this wildcard as he isn’t something special even for Slovenian standards. At least he looked good in his latest, brand new tennis apparel 🙂 Ofner won first set easily without losing a single game and didn’t push as hard in second. Austrian has big first serve, but his percentage was very low. He was dictating every point and it was only chance for Janezic to hope for some easy miss, that didn’t happen often.

Eremin def. Jurman 6-4 6-3

I must say I was expecting more from Eremin. I think he still doesn’t play well enough to be competitive on challenger events. He was missing quite a lot of easy shots versus Jurman, who looked a bit out of gas today. It was probably one match too many for him as he is competing only few times per year, because he is working as a coach in local club now. First set was very even, Jurman came back from 1:4, although it was quite an undeserved lead for Italian, but then broke himself with stupidities when serving to stay in the set. Same story in second. Jurman with a quick break, then gifted it away and it was game over, focus was gone and it was an easy job then for Eremin, who didn’t look too happy with his game during the match. He has enough quality in his shots to be one of the contenders for the title, but needs to improve accuracy in next matches.

Ternar def. Steficar 6-1 6-0

Steficar is probably from some rich family as he is getting wildcards often, but he just doesn’t belong here. Ternar was playing quite bad, or probably he wasn’t focused enough, but still lost only one game as his opponent couldn’t stay in rally for few shots.

Patrik Ofner def. Weidinger 6-3 6-0

At the start this looked like it was going to be an even match. Ofner really likes long rallies, he is small guy, with great court coverage and plays almost without mistakes, but his shots are very weak. Still on claycourts he is probably very tough to beat as you have to go for the lines to win a point against him and guys playing on futures events are usually unable to do that. Weidinger was playing very patient at the start, there were some really long rallies and games (for instance Ternar started at the same time and was over with his match before those two finished first set), but after Ofner took the first set it was one way traffic. Weidinger started to go for his shots too much and this is exactly what you shouldn’t do against a player like Ofner. I was surprised when found out Ofner was Top10 junior player, playing finals of Eddie Herr and Orange Bowl tournaments as I would be sure that he can’t win a match outside of clay.

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