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Roland Garros Quali 2015: Videos and Pictures

Luke Saville’s match point during his first round match with Gravilova and Kokkinakis cheering for him

Vanni won an epic first round 16-14 third set, here how he reacted after 1st match point failed.

As you can see by the pictures below, Alla Kudryavtseva was desperate during her match

Another epic match: Arnaboldi-Herbert 27-25 third set, this is the match point

Alexander Zverev tried to destroy his racquet after the loss against Sijsling

Ons Jabeur was very angry at the end of her match

Some cool stuff that happened in Tennis Week 2 & 3 / 2015

Sam Thompson incredible volley

Legendary ITF story


Tomas Fabian, 54 yo, played his first ever ITF match in France F2.

He went on court without bag, with just one racquet. When he had to serve, he put the other ball close to his feet. He didn’t even know about the changeover. He ended 0-24 on serve but he managed to win 2 points on return!

Michael Venus wins at home

First Kiwi to beat an overseas player in home tourney since 2002 (Nielsen def Vinciguerra)

How not to smash

Sloane Stephens likes risk

Funny Umpires expressions

Pablo Cuevas highly motivated


Federer aces Cruz Hewitt (0:50)

Tweets of the Weeks 2-3









Bryan Bros robbed

Insane rally Muller-Tomic

Lamine Ouahab (the only guy to have beaten Rafael Nadal in a junior match) wins Casablanca Challenger


Genie is so loved


Also the ball wants to touch her

Also Bautista has his own Army!

McHale vomits on court…and wins

Kokkinas post Gulbis match amazing video

Marinko Matosevic is the new Matteo Volante (br 217 doubles, current 260)



(women tennis doesn’t exist)

But Matteo didn’t stick to tennis


(all women are whores)

Amazing Aus Open Day 1-3 Recap

One of the most ridicolous passing shot ever. On mp. Against Federer

Paire and Brands play ITF events

Paire won France ITF, Brands lost SF in Germany

Winning ITF France F2 (5 matches won) Paire earned 1440$, losing in 1st round quali Aus Open (1 match lost) he earned 4000$

New balls please

ITF Most incredible 1 set all of all times

Stouff – Coco 61 67

Stouff had 12 bps. Coco 0. Stouff lost 9 points on serve. Coco 44.


Poor Svetlana…ouch

From Futures to Grand Slams: interview with Stefano Travaglia


First of all, tell us about your recent down under experience.

Australian Open is great: you have a lot of indoor and outdoor courts, big restaurants, three locker rooms with 4 physios, almost one hundred transportations at your full availability. Economic support for the flight (1700$ cash as soon as you arrive) and a daily refund of 220$ for at least 2 days.

I played good tennis in Australia, especially here in Melbourne. I lost a close match against a player that the week before was runner-up in 75k +H challenger and top 130 ATP, so it was a good experience.

Which is your favourite tournament?

Us Open, amazing atmosphere with that great centre court.

Do you have any pre-match ritual?

Listening to music, thinking about what I have to do on court, about what I worked on in training, bringing moxie to my mind and to my body.

Does cheering from the stands help to get you play better play or not ?

It can help on 6-6 third set, as it brings physical strength when I am tired but everything that is off court remains off for me.

Which has been your best match so far?

2014 Rome MS quali when I beat Montanes 76 64.

What is the weirdest thing happened to you on tour?

In an ITF in Germany I had to sleep in the train station because when I arrived there were no taxi or any kind of public transport, the train station was in the middle of the mountains.

Favourite player?

David Ferrer

And a bete noir?

Don’t have any.

In 2014 your prize money income from singles and doubles has been 48.860 $: was this money enough to cover your expenses?

It wasn’t, but incomes were slightly below the expenses (we have a lot of expenses as you can imagine). It was anyway my best year from the economical point of view.

Last year you played Serie A2 (Italian club championship): is it fundamental to play for a club to “survive” on pro tour? How much is this influencing your pro planning and results?

Yes, it is fundamental but if you are smart enough with planning you can play well pro circuit and team championship

What do you think about the announced ITF Prize money increase?

It is really good, free hospitality would make us save a lot of money. Also prize money increase is a good news of course.

ATP obtained a great increase of prize money for Master 1000, in this way I think the difference between top 10 and top 100 will become larger, what do you think?

I think ATP is doing right choices, they are taking care of the bigger tournaments but also of the challengers.

In 2014 you have been one of the very few player to beat Goffin: did you expect him to reach top 20 so quickly?

I didn’t think so, but his results made me believe in myself and gave me self-confidence

Last time I watched you was in Brescia Challenger: you looked very nervous (also because of some bad line calls). I think you have top 100 serve and forehand but you miss something on the backhand and in the shot selection: which are your areas of improvement?

Surely I have to improve the backhand and the rally management, sometimes I am too impulsive and hasty on court

Your best friend on the tennis tour?

We all know each other in the circuit, I don’t have a best friend.

Describe the differences between ITF, ATP, and Challengers.

ATP has excellent organization, excellent transportation, excellent hotels and big structures.

Challengers has decent level for everything above.

ITF has mediocre transportation, for hotels you have to somehow manage by yourself, prize money not sufficient and structures sometimes not appropriate for pro level.

Recently some players started to widely complain about ITF circuit conditions (Buchhass pics from Chile, Sousse training court etc): do you have any experience to share?

In Chile a couple of years ago (in Vila Alemana) players refused to play in the tennis club where the tournament was scheduled and they obtained the right to play in another club.

You had a terrible injury and you reacted with great spirit and willpower: you had to breakthrough a couple of times. Which advice would you give to a young player who is starting to play Future tournaments?

It is not an easy path but with the right motivation and training you can reach your own goals. You have to be determined and believe in yourself, nothing happens by accident.

Your opinion about anti-doping programme: have you have ever been tested in competition or out of competition’

I have been tested at Milan Challenger in 2014

Your opinion about possible changes as no-let and no-adv.

It would be strange, I tested the no-let in 2013 and it would not be easy to adapt to the change.

Three things/rules you would change on Pro Circuit if you had the power?

  • Prize money increase
  • Better conditions in low level tournaments
  • Appropriate Structure

Your scheduling after Australia

  • Training
  • Egypt ITF 15k
  • Training
  • New Delhi Challenger 100k
  • Kolkata Challenger 50k
  • Training
  • Guangzhou Challenger 50k +H
  • Shenzhen Challenger 75k +H

Where and with who are you training?

In Jesi with Sebastian Vasquez.

What is your goal for 2015?

Top 150 and play all Slams (possibly in Main Draw).

If you haven’t been a tennis player, where would you be right now?

I would be on the beach in Hawaii preparing cocktails during the day and being a dj at night.

You have a great record in tiebreaks (43-25 until 2014 based on ATP stats): did you know that?

I didn’t know, thanks for letting me know.

What are your interests? What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Staying with my girlfriend Maria Paola, listening to music, fishing and staying with family.

Thanks Stefano and best of luck for your 2015! See you on tour!

Some cool stuff that happened in 2014

I still miss Steve a lot, there are no words to describe how much he loved tennis and how good he was at writing about it.

This post is of course dedicated ho him.

Serena and Caroline serve fails at Slams

Serena Williams and Caroline Wozniacki showed their close friendship all year long…they showed also something else in common this year

NCAA doubles win back to back Challenger titles

Reese/Libietis (Vols seniors) won Knoxville Challenger.

“We know how to win,” Reese said. “We know what each other is good at. Our chemistry is so good on the court, we know where we’re going to be at all times. That’s so vital. We’ve been coached really well.”

“We’ve been playing on our serves extremely well,” Libietis said. “We were executing very well. Same as in college in the NCAAs and All-Americans. We’re holding serve and that gives us confidence for the breaks. We can go for it on the returns because we know we’re going to hold.”

Kopinski/Guignon (Illini seniors) won Champaign Challenger.

“It was a special atmosphere for us,” Tim Kopinski said. “Everyone was just getting behind us every point win or lose. It was a lot of fun for us, lifting us up the whole time.”

Two is better than one: magic shots by Dreddy and Dimitrov in the same match

Infamous pics from ITF Pro Tour


Training court in Sousse ITF


Resident vs non resident benefit in Santa Margherita ITF

47 yo gains again ATP ranking

Oren Motevassel (best ranking 161 in 1997), self proclaimed “best player in the world for 40+” won his 1st round at ITF USA F8 (and in the second round he took 4 games from top 300 Michalicka)


Bernard Tomic records fastest ATP loss ever

In Miami 1st round the Aussie lost 06 16 (13 points won in the whole match) to Jarkko Nieminen in 28 minutes


he would have preferred to play mixed doubles

Around the post doubles winner shots

We had two this year

Alessio Di Mauro retires and we will miss him so much

Especially this match vs Meister in San Luis Potosi Challenger: the rally at 1:29:36 is a must watch.

Congratulations to Mahut after loss at French Open press conference

Photo says it all


Ernest Gulbis dropshot perfect game

Funny motivations for Alternates/Withdrawal on ATP/WTA tour

WTA Wuhan: Yuxuan Zhang didnt play quali because


Andria Challenger: maybe Jimmy Wang got flu?


WTA Nürnberg


Most incredible miss ever on Challenger Championship (!) Point

Volley missed on 6-4 2-6 9-8, then they lost 9-11

Garza confirms himself as king of retirements

With 8 retirements this year he touched 53 matches lost for retirement in the whole career: amazing record.

Matosevic (on his 13th try) & Lorenzi (on his 14th try) end their Grand Slam drought

Matosevic reaction after first Slam win

James McGee fulfills his Grand Slam dream

Such a great moment for a player that had to pass through the hell of ITF tournaments

Darian King defaulted in Charlottesville Challenger after a funny incident

Wil Spencer comes out from the blue and wins ITF Title

After a more-than two-year sabbatical, Wil Spencer wins Wildcard tournament for Bluewater Bay Pro Circuit Championship (ITF USA F31) and then wins the real ITF tournament.

Full story here.

Racquet throw award 2014: the winner is Mannarino

and the runner-up is Ryan Harrison

Racquet smash award 2014: the winner is Rhyne Williams

Racquet in two pieces award 2014: the winner is Bozoljac

Worst overrule of the year award 2014

Weirdest point of the year award 2014: the winner is Raonic

Best Smash of the year award 2014: the winner is Federer

I will survive on pro tennis tour: ideas for restructuring prize money

I think it’s time that someone seriously takes care of the problem that is afflicting hundreds of players, I already partially discussed this issue here and here.

Yesterday I read the very interesting article by Ian about restructuring Prize Money on the ITF Tour: Ian focused on WTA tour, I will focus on ATP Tour.

DISCLAIMER : Every chart here below is based on data analysed by myself based on ATP and ITF websites. It may well contain errors. If anyone wants to cross check, please get in touch via Twitter  @Carretero77 – drinks will be yours!

First of all I considered the amount of ITF Tournaments scheduled on 2014 and related prize money.

Tournaments Number Prize Money Total
617 $10.000 $6.170.000
222 $15.000 $3.330.000

So the total prize money for ITF Men has been 9.500.000 $.

I did the same calculation for ATP Challenger tour

Tournaments Number Prize Money Total
6 € 125.000 € 750.000
8 € 106.500 € 852.000
9 € 100.000 € 900.000
5 € 85.000 € 425.000
10 € 64.000 € 640.000
7 € 75.000 € 525.000
35 € 50.000 € 1.750.000
27 € 42.500 € 1.147.500
23 € 40.000 € 920.000
19 € 35.000 € 665.000

So the total prize money for ATP Challenger has been 8.574.500 $.

Ian suggested as WTA solution that WTA tournaments should donate 4.75% of their prize money (total calculated on 107.5  million dollars) to ITF tournaments .

If we apply the same rule (asking “only” 3%) to ATP tournaments (total prize money 2014 about 135 million dollars) we have 4.05 million dollars available.

But what if we ask the same fee also to top 50 ATP singles players and top 20 doubles players? We will have extra 3.44 million dollars (total income for top 50 is above 100 million dollars). I dont think 20.000 dollars will be such a loss for Istomin or 40.000 dollars for Isner. Consider that top 50 players have a lot of incomes also from sponsors, exhibitions etc…so the income from tournaments prize money it’s just a part. Most of them have been ITF tournaments players and surely know how tough that environment is.

We should simplify the Challenger Tour splitting the actual 149 tournaments in:

  • 100 Challengers with 50k prize money
  • 49 Challengers with 100k prize money

This solution would cost 9.9 millions against the actual 8.6 millions.

At ITF level we should transform every tournament in a 18k one.

This solution would cost 15.1 million dollars against the actual 9.5.

To make this restructuring we would need in total 6.9 million dollars but we would have 7.5 from the 3% combined (tournaments+players) fee.

ITF/ATP should assure players that ITF/Challenger hospitality will be free of charge.

In this way we could have the following prize money round by round

Actual 10.000 $ 18.000 $ 50.000 $ 100.000 $
W 1.440 $ 2.592 $ 7.200 $ 14.400 $
F 848 $ 1.526 $ 4.240 $ 8.480 $
SF 502 $ 904 $ 2.510 $ 5.020 $
QF 292 $ 526 $ 1.460 $ 2.920 $
2R 172 $ 310 $ 860 $ 1.720 $
1R 104 $ 187 $ 520 $ 1.040 $

I tried to put these new numbers on 2014 tournaments of Nicolas Jarry, ranked 224 with “only” 21.207 $ won and he would have gained about 10.000 $ more (not even considering the expenses deduction for hospitality): in this way the survival on tour would pass to be a dream, from being a nightmare.

To avoid another issue of modern tennis that will be the object of a future post, good ranked players vulturing lower level tournaments, Challengers should be forbidden to top 100 and ITF tournaments to top 200.

I know it will be very diffucult to convince tournament organizers or top ranked tennis players to reduce their profits, but for example the ITF could just donate 5% of Grand Slams Prize Money to ITF tournaments: in this way they could exactly step up every 10k to 15k without involving players or organizers.

Comments are welcome, it is important to keep active the discussion about this big issue.