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Roland Garros Quali 2015: Videos and Pictures

Luke Saville’s match point during his first round match with Gravilova and Kokkinakis cheering for him

Vanni won an epic first round 16-14 third set, here how he reacted after 1st match point failed.

As you can see by the pictures below, Alla Kudryavtseva was desperate during her match

Another epic match: Arnaboldi-Herbert 27-25 third set, this is the match point

Alexander Zverev tried to destroy his racquet after the loss against Sijsling

Ons Jabeur was very angry at the end of her match

16 yo and already ITF Pro Circuit Runner-up: interview with Alexa Graham

Alexa Graham is surely one on the young players to watch on the ITF Pro circuit in 2015.

She made a great debut this year reaching the final at Fort-de-France 10k, beating top 500 (Guarachi) and top 300 (Ramialison) opponents.


I could never watch you so please describe yourself on tennis court: your best side and your weakness

I enjoy playing in a competive atmosphere and learning from the experience of playing players with high talent.

What is your favourite surface?

I train on Har Tru and Hard Courts, but Hard Courts are definitely my favorite.

I read that you are coached by Anna Bielen-Zarska, is this right? From how long time is she following you?

Yes, Anna has been coaching me for about three years now! We work really well together and I love training with her every day.

Did you travel to Martinique with her or with family?

I traveled to Martinique with one of my hitting coaches, Eric Bratt.

Do you have any sponsor?

I’m on Babolat’s national team and they provide me with equipment.

Do you have any pre-match rituals?

Before my matches I warm up all my strokes and sharpen anything that seems to be off.

Does cheering from the stands help to get you play better play or not ? Especially in foreign tournaments

I always enjoy playing in front of a crowd, no matter where it is.

What was the best match you’ve ever played?

When I was 14 years old playing a 10k in Pennsylvania I won my first wta point. We split sets and then I was down 5-2 and a match point in the third set and came back to win the match.

What is your favourite tennis player and why?

I like Maria Sharapova because she is very competitive on the court. She is always intense and aggressive. She also has the ability to come back from adversity and injury.

You are very young: how can you put together tennis and your education?

I’m an online high school student. It’s a big commitment and takes a lot of coordination and planning.

You played only one ITF junior tournament, why?

I’ve only played one junior ITF tournament because my coach and I thought it was better to invest the resources in playing pro circuit events.

Do you have any relation with other good US junior girls (Bellis, Neel, Kenin, Gordon etc..?)

I’ve made a lot of good friends through tennis including Ingrid Neel, Jessie Aney, and Alexis Nelson. Even though we dont live close to each other, we manage to stay in touch.

Describe the differences between ITF and USTA tournaments (organization, atmosphere, courts etc)

ITF tournaments are run more professionally and you are usually only playing one match a day.

Three things/rules you would change on Pro Circuit if you had the power

Each match should have a definite start time, there should be line judges on all the lines for every match, and to be given the oppurtunity to talk to your coach between split sets.

What is your schedule for beginning of 2015?

I’m going down to Florida next weekend for a national open. I also plan on playing the two 10ks in Florida in March.

What is your goal for 2015? Just stay healthy and improve your game or do you have a ranking goal?

This year I want to compete in as many pro events as possible and keep improving my ranking.

What are your interests? What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

The weekends that I’m home I always like going to the movies and the mall with my friends.

Your favourite movie?

My favorite movie is The Internship. I laugh everytime I watch it!

And music?

I really like Taylor Swift’s new album.

Thanks for the interview and best of luck for your career!

Some cool stuff that happened in 2014

I still miss Steve a lot, there are no words to describe how much he loved tennis and how good he was at writing about it.

This post is of course dedicated ho him.

Serena and Caroline serve fails at Slams

Serena Williams and Caroline Wozniacki showed their close friendship all year long…they showed also something else in common this year

NCAA doubles win back to back Challenger titles

Reese/Libietis (Vols seniors) won Knoxville Challenger.

“We know how to win,” Reese said. “We know what each other is good at. Our chemistry is so good on the court, we know where we’re going to be at all times. That’s so vital. We’ve been coached really well.”

“We’ve been playing on our serves extremely well,” Libietis said. “We were executing very well. Same as in college in the NCAAs and All-Americans. We’re holding serve and that gives us confidence for the breaks. We can go for it on the returns because we know we’re going to hold.”

Kopinski/Guignon (Illini seniors) won Champaign Challenger.

“It was a special atmosphere for us,” Tim Kopinski said. “Everyone was just getting behind us every point win or lose. It was a lot of fun for us, lifting us up the whole time.”

Two is better than one: magic shots by Dreddy and Dimitrov in the same match

Infamous pics from ITF Pro Tour


Training court in Sousse ITF


Resident vs non resident benefit in Santa Margherita ITF

47 yo gains again ATP ranking

Oren Motevassel (best ranking 161 in 1997), self proclaimed “best player in the world for 40+” won his 1st round at ITF USA F8 (and in the second round he took 4 games from top 300 Michalicka)


Bernard Tomic records fastest ATP loss ever

In Miami 1st round the Aussie lost 06 16 (13 points won in the whole match) to Jarkko Nieminen in 28 minutes


he would have preferred to play mixed doubles

Around the post doubles winner shots

We had two this year

Alessio Di Mauro retires and we will miss him so much

Especially this match vs Meister in San Luis Potosi Challenger: the rally at 1:29:36 is a must watch.

Congratulations to Mahut after loss at French Open press conference

Photo says it all


Ernest Gulbis dropshot perfect game

Funny motivations for Alternates/Withdrawal on ATP/WTA tour

WTA Wuhan: Yuxuan Zhang didnt play quali because


Andria Challenger: maybe Jimmy Wang got flu?


WTA Nürnberg


Most incredible miss ever on Challenger Championship (!) Point

Volley missed on 6-4 2-6 9-8, then they lost 9-11

Garza confirms himself as king of retirements

With 8 retirements this year he touched 53 matches lost for retirement in the whole career: amazing record.

Matosevic (on his 13th try) & Lorenzi (on his 14th try) end their Grand Slam drought

Matosevic reaction after first Slam win

James McGee fulfills his Grand Slam dream

Such a great moment for a player that had to pass through the hell of ITF tournaments

Darian King defaulted in Charlottesville Challenger after a funny incident

Wil Spencer comes out from the blue and wins ITF Title

After a more-than two-year sabbatical, Wil Spencer wins Wildcard tournament for Bluewater Bay Pro Circuit Championship (ITF USA F31) and then wins the real ITF tournament.

Full story here.

Racquet throw award 2014: the winner is Mannarino

and the runner-up is Ryan Harrison

Racquet smash award 2014: the winner is Rhyne Williams

Racquet in two pieces award 2014: the winner is Bozoljac

Worst overrule of the year award 2014

Weirdest point of the year award 2014: the winner is Raonic

Best Smash of the year award 2014: the winner is Federer

I will survive on pro tennis tour: ideas for restructuring prize money

I think it’s time that someone seriously takes care of the problem that is afflicting hundreds of players, I already partially discussed this issue here and here.

Yesterday I read the very interesting article by Ian about restructuring Prize Money on the ITF Tour: Ian focused on WTA tour, I will focus on ATP Tour.

DISCLAIMER : Every chart here below is based on data analysed by myself based on ATP and ITF websites. It may well contain errors. If anyone wants to cross check, please get in touch via Twitter  @Carretero77 – drinks will be yours!

First of all I considered the amount of ITF Tournaments scheduled on 2014 and related prize money.

Tournaments Number Prize Money Total
617 $10.000 $6.170.000
222 $15.000 $3.330.000

So the total prize money for ITF Men has been 9.500.000 $.

I did the same calculation for ATP Challenger tour

Tournaments Number Prize Money Total
6 € 125.000 € 750.000
8 € 106.500 € 852.000
9 € 100.000 € 900.000
5 € 85.000 € 425.000
10 € 64.000 € 640.000
7 € 75.000 € 525.000
35 € 50.000 € 1.750.000
27 € 42.500 € 1.147.500
23 € 40.000 € 920.000
19 € 35.000 € 665.000

So the total prize money for ATP Challenger has been 8.574.500 $.

Ian suggested as WTA solution that WTA tournaments should donate 4.75% of their prize money (total calculated on 107.5  million dollars) to ITF tournaments .

If we apply the same rule (asking “only” 3%) to ATP tournaments (total prize money 2014 about 135 million dollars) we have 4.05 million dollars available.

But what if we ask the same fee also to top 50 ATP singles players and top 20 doubles players? We will have extra 3.44 million dollars (total income for top 50 is above 100 million dollars). I dont think 20.000 dollars will be such a loss for Istomin or 40.000 dollars for Isner. Consider that top 50 players have a lot of incomes also from sponsors, exhibitions etc…so the income from tournaments prize money it’s just a part. Most of them have been ITF tournaments players and surely know how tough that environment is.

We should simplify the Challenger Tour splitting the actual 149 tournaments in:

  • 100 Challengers with 50k prize money
  • 49 Challengers with 100k prize money

This solution would cost 9.9 millions against the actual 8.6 millions.

At ITF level we should transform every tournament in a 18k one.

This solution would cost 15.1 million dollars against the actual 9.5.

To make this restructuring we would need in total 6.9 million dollars but we would have 7.5 from the 3% combined (tournaments+players) fee.

ITF/ATP should assure players that ITF/Challenger hospitality will be free of charge.

In this way we could have the following prize money round by round

Actual 10.000 $ 18.000 $ 50.000 $ 100.000 $
W 1.440 $ 2.592 $ 7.200 $ 14.400 $
F 848 $ 1.526 $ 4.240 $ 8.480 $
SF 502 $ 904 $ 2.510 $ 5.020 $
QF 292 $ 526 $ 1.460 $ 2.920 $
2R 172 $ 310 $ 860 $ 1.720 $
1R 104 $ 187 $ 520 $ 1.040 $

I tried to put these new numbers on 2014 tournaments of Nicolas Jarry, ranked 224 with “only” 21.207 $ won and he would have gained about 10.000 $ more (not even considering the expenses deduction for hospitality): in this way the survival on tour would pass to be a dream, from being a nightmare.

To avoid another issue of modern tennis that will be the object of a future post, good ranked players vulturing lower level tournaments, Challengers should be forbidden to top 100 and ITF tournaments to top 200.

I know it will be very diffucult to convince tournament organizers or top ranked tennis players to reduce their profits, but for example the ITF could just donate 5% of Grand Slams Prize Money to ITF tournaments: in this way they could exactly step up every 10k to 15k without involving players or organizers.

Comments are welcome, it is important to keep active the discussion about this big issue.

I will survive on tennis pro tour: if I was a male it would be easier

On this post I discussed about the difficulties of surviving on tour for players outside ATP Main Tour (especially those who can’t have the boost of a Grand Slam appearence).

Yesterday Thomas Buchhass (currently ranked 1462) said something out loud (translation by CaroPaquin of BATennis World)

I’m taking advantage of this message to express my disgust and displeasure with what is being done with the Futures and the ITF. In this tournament, we had to pay 40 USD only to enter the qualifications. It is, to be honest, a rip-off, a real joke. But thus are the majority of the Futures. They are not played in adequate conditions, don’t have enough balls to practice with, lack doctors/physios.

To tell the truth, as someone who loves this game, one feels very frustrated because an immense effort is made, not only on my part (player), but also on the part of a whole family who expects the most basic things in order to play in conditions which are acceptable for the sport and I have never seen the ITF take any action whatsoever in the matter, checking and monitoring or with any intention to improve the tournaments.

The prize money remains of 10,000 USD, which doesn’t even cover the costs of playing the tournaments, let alone making money if someone wishes to do things the proper way and travel with a coach. Even winning the tournament doesn’t cover the costs of playing it.

I showed that the situation is similarly bad even for players ranked inside top 250, the following pic took at Italian ITF (by Marco Caldara) explains perfectly how can be tough for players to survive: sometimes they are even under “extortion” by organizers.


You don’t have to be surprised when you read, as we all did yesterday, on the Tennis Integrity Unit website that even an official has been founded guilty of corruption offenses. Winning a 1st round ITF match gives you 104 $, losing that match on a fix arranged by another player, an official or just some criminal could give you some thousands with which you could pay maybe one month of tournaments abroad: temptation would be very big, wouldn’t it?

I also analysed WTA  players ranked 101-250 and the situation is even worse than the ATP one.

We have similar discrepancies (every data is referred to singles matches 2014):

  • Allertova ranked 110 with 53k prize money
  • Domingues Lino ranked 111 with 200k prize money
  • Kulichkova ranked 150 with 38k prize money
  • Govortsova ranked 151 with 207k prize money

and also the strange case of Kichenok twin sisters:

  • Nadiia ranked 196 with 107.474 $ prize money
  • Lyudmyla ranked 198 with 46.934 $ prize money

Medium income of WTA Players ranked 101-250 is 87.000 $

Medium income of ATP Players ranked 101-250 is 119.000 $

But the most important indicator that I found out was: how many male players had incomes of at least 100k? How Many Female players?

ATP: 170 WTA: 154

And if you put limit of struggle for existence (as a pro player) to 50k?

ATP: 208 WTA: 191

As you can see the drop from 100k to 50k is very fast, too fast.

I think that ATP, WTA and ITF should do something to allow more players chasing their dream of becoming a pro player.

Here below the full list of prize money 2014 of 101-250 ATP/WTA Players.

DISCLAIMER : The chart here is based on hand made calculations done by myself based on ATP and WTA websites. It may well contain errors. If anyone wants to cross check, please get in touch via Twitter  @Carretero77 – drinks will be yours!

Player Prize Money (x 1.000$) Real Ranking Prize Money (x 1.000$) Player
Krajinovic 169 101 109 Wang
Troicki 136 102 235 Krunic
Gonzalez 138 103 133 Min
Ilhan 164 104 228 Townsend
Kavcic 231 105 109 Witthoeft
De Schepper 366 106 220 Pereira
Ward 243 107 237 Van Uytvanck
Montanes 295 108 129 Kovinic
Dzumhur 196 109 76 Linette
Tursunov 469 110 53 Allertova
Herbert 246 111 200 Domingues Lino
Gimeno-Traver 339 112 244 King
Melzer Jurgen 419 113 119 Falconi
Riba 238 114 221 Mayr-Achleitner
Smyczek 255 115 224 Oprandi
Beck 142 116 113 Putintseva
Mahut 403 117 144 Kumkhum
Paire 394 118 242 Peer
Kudryavtsev 117 119 94 Mitu
Dustov 93 120 107 Duan
Kudla 168 121 49 Rodina
Hanescu 304 122 153 Pliskova
Zeballos 153 123 284 Ormaechea
Wang 227 124 185 Larcher De Brito
Bagnis 144 125 215 Doi
Gombos 97 126 168 Fichman
Duckworth 174 127 70 Eguchi
Berrer 149 128 129 Rogowska
Nedovyesov 299 129 132 Zanevska
Donskoy 217 130 178 Jaksic
Sugita 124 131 207 Wozniak
Elias 136 132 101 Duque-Marino
Pouille 158 133 141 Paszek
Robert 276 134 78 Zhu
Menendez-Maceiras 89 135 129 Duval
Kubler 44 136 82 Buyukakcay
Zverev 164 137 64 Siegemund
Del Potro 186 138 63 Hogenkamp
Devvarman 219 139 205 Kleybanova
Ram 137 140 139 Hsieh
Bachinger 148 141 68 Cepede Royg
Arguello 98 142 78 Kozlova
Marchenko 146 143 170 Pfizenmaier
De Bakker 138 144 91 Jabeur
Bedene 178 145 109 Sasnovich
Moriya 91 146 78 Panova
Mayer 250 147 149 Tatishvili
Klahn 220 148 56 Kucova
Dancevic 195 149 144 Konta
Kokkinakis 137 150 38 Kulichkova
Vanni 45 151 207 Govortsova
Krajicek 71 152 100 Pervak
Nishioka 66 153 64 Hozumi
Delic 86 154 242 Glushko
Millot 113 155 85 Hradecka
Pella 80 156 103 Broady
Pavic 173 157 66 Ozaki
Saville 107 158 125 Kania
Millman 37 159 55 Kiick
Ungur 68 160 74 Oudin
Russell 235 161 56 Bychkova
Cecchinato 85 162 89 Kontaveit
Darcis 83 163 31 Peterson
Fucsovics 88 164 110 Feuerstein
Melzer Gerald 70 165 104 Chan
Starace 87 166 184 Piter
Ghem 70 167 195 Razzano
Carballes Baena 83 168 37 Krejcikova
Albot 99 169 105 Hlavackova
Kubot 332 170 42 Abduraimova
Odesnik 114 171 49 Vasylyeva
Copil 143 172 57 Voracova
Chung 38 173 43 Irigoyen
Przysiezny 284 174 62 Vogt
Molchanov 45 175 42 Dabrowski
Bemelmans 85 176 40 Xu
Daniel 124 177 111 Mattek-Sands
Martin 72 178 52 Karatantcheva
Coppejans 59 179 145 Radwanska
Arnaboldi 95 180 31 Melnikova
Kuznetsov 147 181 36 El Tabakh
Reister 182 182 53 Wang
Zhang 94 183 118 Minella
Polansky 139 184 33 Chirico
Puetz 111 185 73 Beygelzimer
Andreozzi 48 186 24 Aoyama
Zopp 123 187 97 Rodionova
Viola 68 188 31 Boserup
Broady 25 189 149 Martic
Harrison 213 190 218 Kirilenko
Buchanan 51 191 34 Liu
Basilashvili 50 192 82 Vickery
Edmund 107 193 29 Kuwata
Huta Galung 121 194 48 Zhang
Ignatik 52 195 64 Abanda
Podlipnik-Castillo 43 196 107 Kichenok
Mecir 105 197 52 Brianti
Travaglia 42 198 47 Kichenok
Hernych 105 199 23 Bonaventure
McGee 90 200 33 Maria
Smith 62 201 24 Gonzalez
Bolt 56 202 38 Foretz
Kovalik 30 203 25 Namigata
Londero 53 204 36 Barbieri
Desein 79 205 29 Bondarenko
Lama 36 206 25 Dodin
Bozoljac 53 207 72 Cabeza Candela
Michon 101 208 42 Sirotkina
Munoz-De La Nava 39 209 39 Golubic
Chen 31 210 33 Zhang
Kravchuk 90 211 73 Johansson
Guez 70 212 20 Bogdan
Jenkins 28 213 28 Imanishi
Westerhof 26 214 25 Kostova
Ramanathan 24 215 87 Dolonc
Chiudinelli 110 216 29 Hibino
Volandri 225 217 58 Pavlovic
Mertl 58 218 77 Majeric
Fischer 66 219 39 De Vroome
Brkic 21 220 25 Gasparyan
Sorensen 45 221 80 Lim
Karatsev 40 222 29 Kerkhove
Williams 100 223 133 Barty
Jarry 21 224 53 Savchuk
Ginepri 110 225 31 Vrljic
Ramirez Hidalgo 46 226 85 Hesse
Sektic 31 227 20 Burger
Samper-Montana 39 228 31 Molinero
Lopez-Perez 52 229 69 Shapatava
Corrie 26 230 25 Pous-tio
Krstin 40 231 15 Alexandrova
Ymer 39 232 15 Eikeri
Lindell 34 233 30 Gavrilova
Lamasine 32 234 18 Celik
Veic 27 235 20 Coin
Torebko 23 236 37 Rus
Ebden 310 237 23 Kolar
Marcora 33 238 20 Ce
Cachin 19 239 160 Cadantu
De Greef 21 240 41 Burnett
Couacaud 32 241 27 Garcia Vidagany
Pavlasek 29 242 35 Sanchez
Mina 27 243 17 Sorribes Tormo
Alund 62 244 21 Brady
Eysseric 49 245 21 Mertens
Trungelliti 22 246 28 Vinogradova
Authom 30 247 29 Hibi
Gerasimov 44 248 20 Khromacheva
Bhambri 39 249 30 Amanmuradova
Obry 18 250 19 Botto